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Whisk Patesserie – Logo Design


A new start up venture from an existing client, this was an opportunity be be involved right from the start. The client had a clear idea in the look and feel she was after for this logo but was struggling to see this materialise.

The brief was to keep the logo very simple and focused solely on the text elements rather than having any graphical elements to it. The typeface used has a ‘quirky’ nature and yet remains easy to read and highly recognisable.

The logo forms the starting point with additional projects planned further down the line including some flyers, business cards and a website.

The owner of the Whisk Patisserie, Kerry commented,

The Guys at EDGE continue to deliver exceptional value and quality. Seriously, I don’t know how they get it so right all the time! Maybe I’ve just had bad experiences in the past as I’ve had terrible problems computing the simplest of ideas to some other people and you’ve still delivered so exceptionally.

It is always nice to have such great feedback from our clients and we are looking forward to building this brand in future development work…watch this space!

Created by

EDGE Design

Completed on

February 20, 2017




Whisk Patesserie

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