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This was a a great project and we feel honoured to have had the opportunity to work this Tanzania based NGO. EDGE was approached by Be The Rain Trust for some help in establishing a strong brand identity and a website that would help it raise funds for its charitable work.

About The Client

Be The Rain Trust designs and implements high-impact, scalable initiatives, working across the interconnected issues of environment, education, and access to clean water and sustainable energy, to build resilience in the face of climate change in Tanzania.

They take an holistic approach, building the capacity of local people and brokering partnerships that will stand the test of time.

  • We focus on neglected areas and projects that have been left behind.
  • We consult, assist and market initiatives.
  • We assist with your non profit initiatives.

About The Project

The Logo

First off the bat was to create a strong and easily identifiable logo the use of the acacia tree seemed like a sensible place to start with the logo element as it is such an iconic symbol of the area whilst the choice of font style suggests a more “human” side to the non-profit company based around the people who volunteer and the people who’s lives they change. After several iterations the final logo was agreed.

The Website

There were two primary requirements for the new website. Firstly it was to be a showcase of the work done and the organisation that would help it attract sponsors and give it a more credible profile. The second was, of course, to help with the money raising effort. The website is hosted on the clients own server and uses the popular CMS WordPress was its framework.

This option combined with the drag and drop content editor means that the client has full control of the content, images and text without having to touch a line of code. The new website features a calendar of upcoming projects as well as the ability to raise the funds required processing them as a tax deductible contribution thanks to the organisations status as a non profit company.

Founder and Chairperson for Be The Rain Trust summed up the work done by the EDGE team:

Just to say thank you especially for your patience with me. I thought a lot about how much time you’ve given to the website well over and above what you probably thought you had signed up for! And I want you to know that we – especially myself really appreciate your efforts.

Because of our beautiful website we can now present ourselves professionally and legitimately. We are applying to an org that if accept us we will be able to take donations through them. This will be a huge advantage for US and Canada sponsors as tax exempt. We have high goals as you know so having the ability to raise these funds will be crucial. So having our website look so good will give a feeling of confidence. So, just to say thank you again for your great design and generous contributions to BTRT.

Asante sana and Ashe naleng’. Thank you in Swahili and Maa.

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January 5, 2018



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