Project Details
A fresh new look to mark 30 years

Logo Design – Seasearch


EDGE design was approached by Seasearch with a request to help update the logo design to mark its 30th anniversary. The existing logo, although very recognisable throughout the diving community, was starting to look dated and it was decided that a refresh was needed.

EDGE started with recreating some of the original elements, such as the scuba diver and the starfish, as we wanted to keep these in the updated  design, whilst maintaining brand continuity. The typeface was also updated for a cleaner and modern feel.

30 years of marine protection.

Having reached such a big milestone, the client wanted to mark the occasion with incorporation of a 30 years element to the logo design. This element follows the waves theme adopted in the new logo to tie the two elements together cohesively.

About the Client

Seasearch is a project for volunteer sports divers who have an interest in what they’re seeing under water, want to learn more and want to help protect the marine environment around the coasts of Britain and Ireland.

The main aim is to map out the various types of sea bed found in the near-shore zone around the whole of the Britain and Ireland. In addition we are recording what lives in each area, establishing the richest sites for marine life, the sites where there are problems and the sites which need protection.

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Completed on

January 16, 2018


Adobe Illustrator

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