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Gladstones Clinic – Website


This was a slightly different project in that the client was after a new website that would be developed in three stages. EDGE was chosen to work with them on the first stage which was to re-create the existing website on a new platform that had increased flexibility in terms of being able to add further functionality to the user experience.

The new website is built on WordPress which means new content can be added quickly and easily by appointed staff without the need for coding knowledge. The design is completely responsive meaning that it works across all browsing platforms (mobile devices, tablets etc) as well as all the various browsers.

The code is very lightweight so that pages have a quick load time (even though there is considerable content) but more importantly for the customer, and its customers, the website now supports several features that it was not able to support previously. There is now an online chat function allowing users to chat in realtime to personnel at the clinics whilst the displayed telephone numbers are unique to the individual so that calls can be better monitored and acted upon.

Created by

EDGE Design

Completed on

September 22, 2017


Photoshop, Wordpress, PHP, MySQl

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