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Business Card Design – Whisk Patisserie


Whisk Patisserie, an existing client, approached EDGE asking us to help with their business card design.

What was involved?

The brief was quite straightforward, the business card design had to be double sided and feature the logo on the front of the business card with the various contact information on the reverse.

We opted to design the business cards in a portrait format which worked well with the logo and helped make the card business card more memorable. The design also featured a dusky pink band running the width which tied in with the block colour design on the reverse of the card.

Owner of the client, Kerry made the following comments after seeing her new business cards:

Asking Tim (EDGE Design) to undertake my business card design for Whisk Patisserie was a natural decision after he had done such a wonderful job on a previous website for me. I have worked with many people in the past, on both web development and branding and never before have I known someone get it so right from the offset. Tim takes a clear and concise brief, all the time listening to what the client wants to achieve, but also offering his professional opinion. The benefit of having someone like this onboard is that whilst in the throws of launching a new business, it is very easy to become solely focused on what ‘you’ want and how ‘you’ want it to look\feel…all of this is very important, but what Tim offers, is the perspective of potential clients and things that they might be looking for. For me, this is invaluable; to have someone onboard who firstly totally gets my design brief, can interpret that efficiently and above and beyond any expectations and finally, delivering a concept that incorporates both my original idea and an array of benefits that will appeal to my target audience. In short, nothing is compromised.

Having a creative brain comes naturally to me, but along with that means having a vision that sometimes I find hard to explain to someone else…somehow, Tim extracts this information and never before have I worked with a designer where there doesn’t need to be any design concept revisions, because he delivers so perfectly first time.

I’ll be honest, in the past I have found it difficult to find designers to work with who understand my area of business and how that translates into a logo, website etc….with EDGE I have found my knight in shining armour – they delivers exactly what I have in mind every time, as well as adding their own input which is always welcomed and of huge benefit to the end result.

It is always nice to get such great reviews, from our perspective we enjoy working on projects that cover a wide range of markets and skills – Its what keeps us on our toes and gives us the EDGE!

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Created by

EDGE Design

Completed on

October 18, 2017


Adobe Illustrator | InDesign | Photoshop

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