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Here are some of the more common questions we get asked
Still have questions about how EDGE Design could help? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at EDGE from clients and prospects. If you have a question about your specific marketing requirements that isn’t answered here, then please get in touch via the contact page.

What services does EDGE Design provide?

EDGE Design is a full-service agency, meaning we develop, deploy, and manage marketing programs end-to-end, from strategy and creative to media, production and reporting. A partial list of our services is below. Not all clients require every service we provide, so if you’re not sure if we’re the right option for you, call us.

  • Programme & campaign strategy
  • Comprehensive program management
  • Media planning, research, acquisition & placement
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy-writing
  • Website design and build
  • Printing
  • E-Mail broadcast

How do you work with clients?

Client engagements can vary greatly from individual, project-based assignments to broader, more long-term contracts involving multiple programs over time. Most typically, clients come to EDGE Design with some kind of quantitative sales or marketing objective, we develop a custom marketing plan based on that objective and once approved, design and execute the individual programmes.

I already have a design agency. Why should I use EDGE instead?

There is no simple answer to that one – If you’re happy with your existing agency then everything is good. Perhaps you want a specific campaign that is slightly different? maybe you just feel like its time for a change.

It’s great that EDGE main office is in the UK – but I’m not. Can you work with me anyway?

You bet we can. Many of our clients are located throughout The UK, Europe (and even on other continents). Most of our day-to-day client communication is via the web, or conference calls even with local clients, so location is rarely an issue.

I’m not sure we’re big enough to merit a full-service agency. Is there a typical EDGE client?

A typical EDGE client tends to be a company or department that doesn’t have the bandwidth or the expertise to execute effective  marketing initiatives in-house, but doesn’t want to hassle with the expense and commitments required of a big agency.  We provide the same services as much larger firms, but often at a fraction of the cost.

We’re not a high-tech company, per se. Can you still help us?

We do have a particular expertise in marketing technical products and online services, but we can just as easily bring that same experience to bear to any market where targeted, cost-effective marketing is a priority.  In addition to high-tech, our clients currently include companies in retail, IT services, charities, beauty and the dive industry.

Will I have to spend hours explaining my product to your creative people?

No agency will know your product better than you do.  But because technology is our primary focus, and because the chances are good we’ve already worked with another company in a similar market or product space, you’ll find we catch on very quickly. One of the most frequent compliments about our creative staff is that they “get it.”

I normally do my own stuff but occasionally I need assistance. Can EDGE help me?

Of course! Though we often assist clients with creative execution, we prefer to take on projects that give us input into all the critical elements in a campaign – strategy, media, creative and production. Frankly, we like to stand behind the results of our campaigns, and without input into every facet of the program, we don’t feel you’ll be benefiting from the full scope of our expertise. If you’re not sure whether you need a full-service agency, call us for a free price quote (at no obligation, naturally). If you calculate the true cost of your time, you may find outsourcing an entire campaign to be more cost-effective than you thought.

If I need banner ads, shouldn’t I find an agency that specialises only in online marketing?

There are many good “online only” agencies out there. But like design firms, interactive agencies often tend to focus on media and creative (copy and design) to the exclusion of offer and the other components vital to the success of your campaign. Besides, why limit yourself? Sometimes a banner ad is the right strategy, but there may be times when direct mail or email or social media will better enable you to reach your target audience. Since we’re experts in both online and offline marketing, we’ve got you covered – and with us, you’re more likely to get the results you need.

I’m in a hurry. Can you meet my unreasonable but unavoidable deadline?

We’ll recommend strategies that fit whatever constraints you present – time, money, whatever. But we won’t take on a program unless we’re convinced we can deliver. And guess what usually happens when clients go elsewhere because they’re promised faster service? (Hint: we’re working with many of them right now).

Okay, let’s say you really are that good. Are you expensive?

We’re competitively-priced. We’re more expensive than freelance talent, and a lot less costly than many larger agencies. Our focus is getting you the highest possible return on your marketing budget – and we don’t hesitate to recommend cost-saving strategies for our clients.

What’s a good next step?

If you have a specific objective in mind, call or e-mail us and we’ll price out a rough plan to help you reach those objectives in the most cost-effective manner possible. Or, if you already have a specific campaign in the works, contact us for a free price quote. We can usually have a proposal to you in less than 48 hours.

I still have questions!

If you want to find out more about us, ask other questions, or schedule a free phone consultation, call our main office at +356 27137945 or email us at studio@edgedesignmarketing.com.

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